Will I need labor to set-up my booth?

In almost all major cities, exhibitors, exposition halls, and exposition companies must comply with local union jurisdictions. This means that installation and dismantling of an exhibit must be performed by full-time employees of the exposition company or the appropriate labor union. Exceptions to this rule is if the booth size is 10x20 or smaller, or if you have a “pop-up” booth that requires little time and no tools.

Can I use or hire my own labor?

Yes, you are allowed to hire an external installation/dismantling company as long as appropriate forms and documents are provided to Vista South. A certificate of insurance and the “Intent to Use Non-Official Contractors Form” in the Exhibitor Kits must be provided by the deadline date listed in the kit.

What furnishings are provided with my booth?

It depends if there is a booth package. This information is listed in the Exhibitor Kits provided in the “Booth Package & Contact Info” page. If there is a package, it will list furnishings that are included at no extra cost.

Can I substitute a table that is included with the booth space?

Unfortunately, there are no substitutions for any furniture. If you need an item that is not listed in the booth package, you must order that item at the published rate. Ordering before the deadline date helps you save money with our discount rates on products. Prices raise back to standard rate after the deadline date has passed.

What is Vista South's cancellation policy?

Any items cancelled before the deadline date will get a 50% refund. Items cancelled after the deadline date will not be refunded.

Can I move in early? What is the latest time I can remain in the exhibit hall to complete set-up?

We understand the desire for extra set-up time. Exhibitors must receive permission from Show Management to set-up outside of the scheduled exhibitor set-up timeframe.

What if certain items I ordered are not in my booth when I get there?

All items ordered in advance of the show should be in your booth space at the beginning of exhibitor move-in with the possible exception of chairs and waste baskets. These items have a tendency to "grow legs" and are not dispersed until closer to show time. If other furnishings (carpet, tables) are not in your booth at the time of your arrival, please go to the Vista South Service Desk and the problem will be resolved immediately.

Can I order on show site?

Yes, floor orders are accepted at show site. Payment must be received before any furnishings or services will be rendered.

How do I order electricity, internet connection, or audio/visual tech?

Electricity, internet, and A/V providers vary for each show. Vista South provides the appropriate information and forms for each of these vendors pertaining to your show in the Exhibitor Kits.

Freight and Handling Questions

What is drayage?

Drayage, also known as Material Handling, are fees charged for the receiving, storing, and reloading of materials to and from the booth space before and after the show. This is a one-time fee, per shipment received, for move in and move out.

Is material handling included in the cost to ship my freight?

No, material handling is not associated with the shipping of your material. You must send your freight bill of lading pre-paid.

Is there a specific carrier I should use to ship my material?

Exhibitors are free to use whatever carrier they like. We do provide a house carrier for your convenience at show site to assist you with outbound shipping.

What is CWT and how do I calculate the cost of drayage or material handling?

CWT (for every 100 lbs) is the unit that material handling fees are calculated by per shipment. Rates vary depending on shipment type, freight deliverance (warehouse vs showsite), the amount of handling, and time of the day.

What do I do with my empty containers during the show?

If your freight is handled through Vista South, they will give you an “Empty Container” label at the Vista South Services Desk and will store it for you; storing is included in the Material Handling fee. If another vendor handled your freight, Vista South can store your empty containers for the duration of the show for a fee.

How do I prepare for outbound shipping at the close of the show?

Once you receive and pay your final invoice at show-site, you can pick-up a bill of lading at the Vista South Service Desk. Each shipment should have a bill of lading, providing us with information on where and how you're shipping your freight. If you choose to use a carrier other than the house carrier, you must call them and schedule a pick-up.

If I ship to the show site, when can it arrive?

Freight shipped to show site may only arrive during the scheduled day(s) and times of exhibitor move-in.

If I ship to the Vista South Warehouse, when can it arrive?

Freights will be accepted starting 30 days before Vista South move-in, and can be received up until 7 business days before move in at no cost. Any shipments received after the 7 day cut off may be subjected to late fees.